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First Steps

To start using the TradeSafe API you only require a basic account to get started with development. Registering your application requires three basic steps, form there you have full access to integrate TradeSafe into your application.

Register your account

You can access the development portal from the Merchant Portal button found at

Use the Merchant Portal to register or login. Alternatively, start by clicking Register or Login if you already have a TradeSafe merchant account.

Once registration has been completed you will be taken to the profile page to complete your profile.


Complete your profile

Once registered you will need to complete your profile, which required the following information:

  • Your Name
  • ID Number
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

You will also have the opportunity to verify your email address and mobile number at this point.

At any point in time if you need to change your details you can click on profile in the sidebar.

Complete Profile

Create an organization

Once your profile has been updated, you will be taken to the organisation page. Here you will need to provide the details of your organisation.

As you are in a development environment, you do not need to provide any valid company information at this stage (i.e. use 000000 for the bank account number etc.). However, we strongly encourage you to complete this information accurately from the get go, as we will verify your company before taking you live.

Please note your TradeSafe business account will have to be verified in order for you to go to production

If you have already registered an organisation on the TradeSafe platform, the organisation will be copied over to the developer portal. Just click on Organisations, then click edit. Please review your business details and then click save. You will then be able to register your application.

Select Organization

To add a new organisation, please provide the following details:

  • The type of business – (Pty) Ltd, CC, Inc. Etc.
  • Legal company name (please exclude the legal suffix such as (Pty) Ltd)
  • The company’s trading as name (optional)
  • The company registration number (please use ID number if a Sole Proprietor)
  • VAT number if applicable

Complete Profile

Register your application

After creating your organisation you will be taken to the application creation page. Here you can configure the various details of your application from which gateways you want to use to where the user should be redirected after payment.

If you are using a prebuilt integration option like our WordPress Plugin, it will provide you with the required details to compete the application registration process.

On the application setting form you can configure:

  • An identifiable name
  • Redirect urls and callbacks
  • Which payment gateways you would like to use

Register Application

Payment Gateway Selection

Once your application is saved you will be provided with a Client ID and Secret Key. Ensure you properly store these details as once you leave the page the secret can not be retrieved, you will be required to create a new application to generate a new key.

Application details

The application details section required a name and the organization associated with the application. Optionally a logo can be included that will be displayed on the payment page. The dimensions for the logo are 300x150. Larger logos will be scaled down to the match these dimensions.

Payment Gateways

The section allows you to select which payment options are available to your users.

The currently available options are:

  • Manual EFT
  • Instant EFT (Ozow)
  • Credit Card (Ecentric)
  • Snapscan
  • PayJustNow

Payment Settings

Allow payment receipt

Toggle weather or not you want the buyer to receive a payment receipt from TradeSafe.


OAuth Callback

The OAuth callback URL for your application.

API Callback

The URL that we will send transaction updates to.

Success URL

The page your users will be directed to after a successful payment.

Failure URL

The page your users will be redirected to after a canceled or failed payment.

When making changes to existing URL callbacks, it may take up to 15 minutes for the changes to propagate on our system

Application Settings

Accessing the Dashboard

You will now have access to the dashboard. As you create and update transactions the dashboard will start filling up with information. The data displayed is based on a 6-month rolling window.