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Start Go-Live Request

Step 1: Begin the Request

A Go-Live request needs to be made before your can start using the TradeSafe API in production.

To begin a request, go to the Applications section of the portal and click the red Go-Live button to the left of the application settings page.

At this will start the go-live process and guide you through the requirements.

You will have the opportunity to download the Service Agreement. You will need to sign and upload this document to complete your go-live request.

When you are ready click Lets Begin

Request Go-Live Button

Step 2: Verify your Organization Details

The first thing you will need to do if verify your organization details, if you used dummy data or did not have all the correct data on hand i.e. Vat Number you can update your organisation details at this point. If your details are correct you can simply click the Next button.

Organisation Settings

Step 3: Banking Details

You will need to provide your banking details for your organisation.

We will perform an AVS check against your company registration number to verify that it is accurate.

Banking Details Form

Step 4: Upload Documents

You will now be required the upload Several documents.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Signed letter of authorization with a company letterhead
  • CK, COR 14.3 or CIPC disclosure document
  • Signed Service Agreement (See Step 1)

Upload Documents

Step 5: Review Request Status

You will now be able to review the status of your request. Once all three sections are verified and any additional requirements fulfilled (i.e. a demonstration of your application) your request will be approved.

Once approved your application will be created access to the production version of the API and you will be permitted to start transacting on the TradeSafe platform.

If at any time you want to review the status of an existing request, you can go to the Applications page and click on the Go-Live Status button.

Review Request Status